In late 2011 my husband and I were both doing our best to take care of our toddler and pay our bills. We were already under so much stress that when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I could not take care of this child. Against my husband’s wishes, I got an abortion. Jose was so angry, but I told him it was my decision to make. He has forgiven me since then, but it opened up such a chasm between us.

Four years later, with a seven year old and a 10 month old baby to take care of, I got pregnant for the fourth time. This time my husband forbade me to seek the “easy” route, he even threatened me to leave us if I did. Resentful, angry, and completely against my will I arrived at Angels Clinic seeking prenatal care.

As soon as I walked through the clinic doors I felt an atmosphere of peace and love. Everyone greeted me with so much kindness and gentleness. I had felt so alone in my marriage and so defensive towards everyone that I hadn’t opened up in so long. The staff were so kind that I finally felt safe to share how I had been feeling. I was so truly thankful that I was able to open up to someone who understood me and really listened to me without judging me. The staff members really cared. They helped me feel that I was not a bad person or a bad mother because of my feelings of rejection towards my baby. They helped me recoup my interior peace. Their words of encouragement and support not only were received in my thoughts, they were embraced in my heart. Before that, I felt so far away from God. Angels Clinic helped me to feel close to him again.

I opened up to the new life that was growing inside me and began to love my child, even though I was so scared. Sadly, I lost my baby just 1 week later. It was very hard, but I will never forget and be forever grateful for the help and support I received at Angels Clinic.