My first child was born in Mexico, but my husband and I wanted to give our children a greater opportunity. We came to the USA and had a second child here. We were working hard to make a new life. We knew we would someday welcome another child, but definitely much later in life, but then I missed my period. Sure enough, I was pregnant again. That’s when I realized how hard it is for a Latino woman like me with limited benefits to find a trusted doctor and hospital.

I had tried so many doctors, but wasn’t able to afford it. Then a friend told me Angels. I went, not knowing what to expect, but the warmth I found there was beyond words. They helped me not just with the prenatal care or guiding me through the process of finding state health-care programs, but they gave me the emotional support that a woman in an unplanned pregnancy needs. Every time I’d arrive at Angels Clinic, their gentle and warm approach made a difference in my day; it could be a smile, a meaningful conversation or just their tender assistance. Whatever it was, I could always tell that they really cared for me. To me Angels Clinic has been a blessing and a huge support, compassion and light, a place where understanding and love take its form through the wonderful angels that work there.

Baby Victoria was born July 30, 2015.