After a terrible experience with an Obstetrics doctor, I was reluctant to find prenatal care and I did not have many financial resources, before I knew it, I found myself without a doctor, even less one I trusted. I called clinic after clinic looking for a physician to care for me but the answer was always the same, we were a “risk.” My baby and I were not worth the liability.  My whole support system, my family and friends are all back in Russia and could not afford to help me. With every passing day, the knots in my stomach tightened. I had no idea if things were going to work out or not.

But God is never late, He always sends help on time. I was referred to Angels Clinic by a pregnancy resource center. At first I was skeptical, expecting another refusal. But Angels Clinic was indeed God’s answer. They received and accepted both me and my baby right away, with open arms and a warm smile; they made me feel not just comfortable and accepted, but even precious and loved. Angels Clinic’s generosity, hospitality, openness was amazing. They were willing to help me even though I was a risk. Their love touched my heart so deeply and has been a true blessing to me and baby Chantelle.

Baby Chantelle, born August 5, 2015