Angels Clinic is the first ever Crisis Pregnancy Clinic that offers full healthcare to women in crisis in the DFW. Before you enter our site, watch these short films that describe the experiences of the women and babies that we serve. Angels teamed up with musician Alex Venegas and Film Maker Samuel Sorich to tell the story of Ella, a high school girl who faces a crisis pregnancy, but finds the physical, emotional, and spiritual help she needs from the staff at A|C. This is the story of countless young women all throughout the world who face this same, often terrifying situation. 

Part 1: The Crisis



Part 2: The Answer


How Can I Help?

Angels Clinic serves as a safe-haven, providing free medical care, social service counseling, and all the little things that a woman needs to bring a child into this world. This means sonograms and diapers, deliveries and cribs. These services cost money, and are only made possible by people like you. Please consider becoming an angel for one of these women.