In late 2011 my husband and I were both doing our best to take care of our toddler and pay our bills. We were already under so much stress that when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I could not take care of this child. Against my husband’s wishes, I got an abortion. Jose was so angry, but I told him it was my decision to make. He has forgiven me since then, but it opened up such a chasm between us.

Four years later, with a seven year old and a 10 month old baby to take care of, I got pregnant for the fourth time. This time my husband forbade me to seek the “easy” route, he even threatened me to leave us if I did. Resentful, angry, and completely against my will I arrived at Angels Clinic seeking prenatal care.

As soon as I walked through the clinic doors I felt an atmosphere of peace and love. Everyone greeted me with so much kindness and gentleness. I had felt so alone in my marriage and so defensive towards everyone that I hadn’t opened up in so long. The staff were so kind that I finally felt safe to share how I had been feeling. I was so truly thankful that I was able to open up to someone who understood me and really listened to me without judging me. The staff members really cared. They helped me feel that I was not a bad person or a bad mother because of my feelings of rejection towards my baby. They helped me recoup my interior peace. Their words of encouragement and support not only were received in my thoughts, they were embraced in my heart. Before that, I felt so far away from God. Angels Clinic helped me to feel close to him again.

I opened up to the new life that was growing inside me and began to love my child, even though I was so scared. Sadly, I lost my baby just 1 week later. It was very hard, but I will never forget and be forever grateful for the help and support I received at Angels Clinic.  

After a terrible experience with an Obstetrics doctor, I was reluctant to find prenatal care and I did not have many financial resources, before I knew it, I found myself without a doctor, even less one I trusted. I called clinic after clinic looking for a physician to care for me but the answer was always the same, we were a “risk.” My baby and I were not worth the liability.  My whole support system, my family and friends are all back in Russia and could not afford to help me. With every passing day, the knots in my stomach tightened. I had no idea if things were going to work out or not.

But God is never late, He always sends help on time. I was referred to Angels Clinic by a pregnancy resource center. At first I was skeptical, expecting another refusal. But Angels Clinic was indeed God’s answer. They received and accepted both me and my baby right away, with open arms and a warm smile; they made me feel not just comfortable and accepted, but even precious and loved. Angels Clinic’s generosity, hospitality, openness was amazing. They were willing to help me even though I was a risk. Their love touched my heart so deeply and has been a true blessing to me and baby Chantelle.

Baby Chantelle, born August 5, 2015

My first child was born in Mexico, but my husband and I wanted to give our children a greater opportunity. We came to the USA and had a second child here. We were working hard to make a new life. We knew we would someday welcome another child, but definitely much later in life, but then I missed my period. Sure enough, I was pregnant again. That’s when I realized how hard it is for a Latino woman like me with limited benefits to find a trusted doctor and hospital.

I had tried so many doctors, but wasn’t able to afford it. Then a friend told me Angels. I went, not knowing what to expect, but the warmth I found there was beyond words. They helped me not just with the prenatal care or guiding me through the process of finding state health-care programs, but they gave me the emotional support that a woman in an unplanned pregnancy needs. Every time I’d arrive at Angels Clinic, their gentle and warm approach made a difference in my day; it could be a smile, a meaningful conversation or just their tender assistance. Whatever it was, I could always tell that they really cared for me. To me Angels Clinic has been a blessing and a huge support, compassion and light, a place where understanding and love take its form through the wonderful angels that work there.

Baby Victoria was born July 30, 2015.

Angels Clinic is a place of peace and tranquility. A place where the medical field found the restoration of the soul. I am currently pregnant and every time I come to my doctor’s check-up, I feel like I come visit a close friend. My first appointment at Angels Clinic I was impressed that the sole purpose of the visit was to get to know me; to know my story so they could integrally care for me. They did not pressure me to disclose more than I felt comfortable sharing, but their warm welcome and affectionate demeanor made it easy for me to open up.

Now, being an established patient at Angels Clinic, every opportunity I have, I share with others the treasure I have found!

Nadia, 29 weeks pregnant

I am a first time mom and I cannot thank God enough for putting Angels Clinic in my path. Though I haven’t had previous experience with prenatal care, from what I’ve heard from my friends, I was so fortunate to be referred here. Over the course of my pregnancy, Angels Clinic and its staff has been a true gift and support through all of the trials I’ve faced. When I looked down at my pregnancy test and saw that it was positive, my heart dropped. I felt so scared and uneasy, I had no idea where to turn, but the attention and gentleness shown to me at Angels Clinic help me face this situation with courage. At Angels they do so much more than care for my baby and I. They are genuinely concerned for my all-around wellbeing. They make every woman there feel like they are the only patient in the building. They don’t just remember my name and medical condition, but also my personal situation and struggles. I have repeatedly witnessed this in both myself and my fellow patients. The passion for what they do is so real and undeniable.

Do you have a story of how Angels helped you or someone you love when you were in crisis? Tell us about it!

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