A pregnancy term is usually between 38 - 40 weeks. During this time, as an Angels Clinic patient you can expect: 



Because AC is dedicated to nurture the mind, body and spirit of the pregnant woman, the goal of this appointment is to get to know you better to provide a more integral care and support.  

First appointment – Intake  


15 Doctor’s Check-up visit* 

2 Sonograms* 

1 Routine Blood Lab Work* 
 3 Additional Specialized Tests* 
 4 Genital Specialized Tests* 

Lab Work*:

Counseling and guidance to all available resources to cover your baby’s delivery expenses.   
Hospital Tour and Registration  

4 Resource Worker Appointments*

1-2 Postpartum Visits*  

From week 1 – to week 28* 

1 Doctor’s appointment every 4 weeks*

From week 37 on*

     1 Doctor’s appointment every week*   

From week 29 – to week 36

1 Doctor’s appointment every 2 weeks* 

*Estimate based on time of gestation at initial visit. / Depending on Patient’s individual medical needs